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Mokalbari is an old and well-known estate in Assam and has produced some of the most delicious and well-received Assam teas.  This is one of our favourite harvests, the May-June harvest and this tea is both rich and smooth, with large golden leaves and a clean and refreshing cup.  If you love Assam teas, you will love this Mokalbari FTGFOP2. 


Leaves and Water work with some of the best Tea Master’s around the world to curate and select unique teas of the highest quality and craftsmanship.  The Tea Estates we source from all share a common value which is create some of the finest teas from their regions.


  • Rainforest Alliance Certified Single Origin Assam Black Tea – Mokalbai FTGFOP loose leaf Assam tea is a premium single origin tea produced in Upper Assam since 1876.
  • Increase Metabolism and Promote Weight Loss – The antioxidants and polyphenols in black tea, combined with the caffeine promote a higher metabolism and can increase weight loss results when combined with a healthy programme.  The Polyphenols in black tea also promote gut health and a healthy digestive microbiome.
  •  Increase Fat Burning and Fat Loss – Studies show that the powerful catechins found in tea can increase the body’s ability to selectively burn fat, and control blood sugar.
  • Enjoy Hot or as Iced Tea – This Mokalbari Assam, with its smooth and distinctive flavour, can be enjoyed either as a hot tea or as Iced Tea simply and easily.  
  • Maximum Freshness – Our gluten free, vegan black tea is sealed in foil-lined pouches to lock in the freshness of the tea leaves.  No windows in our packaging means that the leaves are always fresh, without any degradation caused by excessive exposure to sunlight

Mokalbari FTGFOP1

  • Assam FTGFOP - Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe



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